Thank you for considering submitting your idea to Creative Law Enforcement Resources, Inc., which shall be referred to as the “Company” in this letter. By submitting your idea to the Company, you agree as follows:

The Company is engaged in improving existing products and developing or acquiring new products and ideas. An idea received from an outside source may be under development or may be acquired by the Company from a third party. In addition, an idea received from an outside source may now or hereafter become part of the public domain and free for anyone to use.   Therefore, to avoid misunderstanding over the origin or right to use an idea, the Company must exercise care in agreeing to review any idea from a source outside the Company.

For these reasons, we can consider your idea only if it is submitted on a non-confidential basis and only if you are willing to rely on whatever patent protection you may be able to obtain for your idea and can enforce in the courts under the patent laws. To this end we require that you be willing to unconditionally release the Company and others from all claims and liabilities arising out of the submission of your idea and/or the complete or partial use of it by the Company with the sole exception of those claims and liabilities which are created by applicable patent laws of the United States. In view of this, we cannot accept submissions covering ideas which are not inherently subject to patent protection, such as methods of doing business, advertising, marketing or merchandising schemes, etc.; nor can we obligate ourselves to make any payment for the use of your idea unless our obligations are specifically embodied in a formal written contract completely separate from the Agreement contained in this letter.

Accordingly, the Company will consider your idea only under the following conditions, which are intended to fairly protect the rights of both the Company and yourself:


  1. In consideration of the Company reading and/or considering your idea, to be or which has been disclosed by the Inventor(s) identified below (hereinafter “you”), or your authorized representatives, you agree to release the Company, its affiliates, officers, agents, servants, and employees of and from any and all liability in connection with your idea or any portion thereof, and any and all information related thereto excepting only such liability as may accrue under valid, unexpired patents which have been heretofore granted or which may hereafter be granted.
  1. No obligation or confidential relationship of any kind, express or implied, is assumed by or established with the Company, its affiliates, officers, agents, servants, and employees with respect to your idea or any information related to the idea unless and until a separate specific written agreement has been completed. Upon execution of such an agreement, our respective rights, privileges and obligations shall be governed solely by the terms thereof.
  1. You do not grant the Company any rights in any patent or patent application which you may have or may obtain in the future on your idea.
  1. The Company shall retain copies of all material submitted and subsequently submitted with no obligation to return the same, in order to eliminate the possibility of future misunderstandings regarding the scope of your disclosure.
  1. The Company makes no commitment that the idea or material submitted in connection with it shall be kept secret.
  1. The Company is under no obligation to reveal any information regarding its activities in either the general or specific field to which the submitted idea pertains.
  1. You represent that you have the power to make a disclosure of the idea to the Company.

By submitting your idea/invention to the Company, you agree to the above terms and conditions.